Prevent the deletion of a mass of files from the desktop client


Nextcloud 25.0.5
Linux 5.10.0-21-cloud-amd64 x86_64
PHP : 8.1.17
My SQL: 10.3.38

We use Nextcloud with 1000 users and they all have the Desktop client. 1 user decided to delete its folder Nextcloud that have deleted 27000 files from our instance !! He thought it will just delete it from its desktop.

Is there a way to avoid that ?

  • make impossible to configure the deskop client other than virtual files ?

  • avoid the deletion from the dekstop ?
    I have taken a look at control file access APP but it does not help.

I understand you desire but unfortunately this is exactly what the client should do. the client keeps files on all connected systems in sync. Even in case you would use VFS - deleting files on the client will delete them on the server as well.

Usually such user mistakes don’t result in a data loss as deleted files remain in a trashbin on the server and could be easily recovered (I even remember a script to restore files from recycle bin fast).

Definitely some safeguards could improve user experience e.g. warn before massive file removal… but at the the moment nothing exists…

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Hope it will come soon :smiley: