Prevent MS office documents from uploading

hello there, would somebody help on how to prevent MS office documents (docx etc.,) from uploading; how to compose the regex statement?

Many thanks in advance

Please read Files access control . After install the app File access control you can test this regular expression:

Example in the documentation:

Perhaps (not tested):


Read excel - What is a correct mime type for docx, pptx etc? - Stack Overflow or Common MIME types - HTTP | MDN

devnull, the solution you proposed works, however, it doesn’t work if I create give more than one rules, is it normal. Please note I am very new to nextcloud. What I am trying to do is to limit only commonly used graphics images, and pdf documents to be allowed to upload.

Sorry i do not use it. But perhaps you must change the logic. Perhaps the rules A and B users the operator AND. Then “name.docx” does not match e.g. “.docx” AND “.xlsx”. Can you change the logic of the regular expressions from AND to OR or OR to AND?


devnull the combined regexp statement above seems to be working; thanks for your direction.