Prevent mass actions from desktop client

I’m asking for help to deal with unwanted actions from Nextcloud desktops.
Last week a user bought a new HDD, and he decided to move his Nextcloud local folder to the new disk. This ended up deleting basically all Nextcloud data from the server…

Is there some configuration which can be done to prevent such mass actions?

I tried using Group Folders / ACL, but unfortunately doesn’t really fit this solution, mainly because you cannot set different permissions from the fodler itself and the contained files. I.e. it would have been great to be able to set a folder as create+read but allow full control of files contained in the directory.

We also have a folder structure like this: year/project code/all the stuff. I was thinking to set year as non writeable, but I’d just move the problem one level below. It’s a small patch, not a solution.

Any other option I might have missed?

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Bump! because I’ve now encountered this problem multiple times too.

Maybe something that triggers a confirmation prompt if the client tries to process more than {threshold} files in less than {threshold2} time.

This is a really important issue, actually. The users can do a mass from their Desktops, specially when you have like hundred users in the instance. This happens all the time with us here…

Some possible fix has been implemented in the latest Desktop version, if you can give it a try and try to replicate

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Hi Maxxer…
Can you speak more about it?

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