Prevent File Deletion

I need community help in figuring out how to configure/educate users about file deletions. After we migrated to NextCloud we are running into a user confusion issues since NextCloud behaves differently than file servers on Windows and Mac.

On a file server mounted to a users desktop, dragging a file from the file server to other places on a users machine results in a copy operation. When NC desktop client is installed, dragging a file from the synch’ed folder essentially removes the file from the server.

I’m struggling to educate our users about this and files in shared NC folders often “disappear” without the users understand why.

Is there a way to block the move operation on a users desktop or change the behavior to copy? Setting read only is not going to help since the user(s) have the rights to modify the file.


If using the app group folders you can add a group so that they can read and edit but not delete. On a users own folder that is more problematic.

The new client that is on its way will emulate a mounted drive and that will make it behave the way you want it to.

Thank you Johan,
Interesting! Looking forward to the new client. Current shared folders have been audited and all have the delete flag unset. Let’s see if this helps :woozy_face:
– Per