Prevent Android to sync individual files

I opened a tabular file hosted on my nextcloud instance using my Android phone. Now, every time I or one of my friends makes changes to that file, it auto-downloads to my Android phone. How do I remove that file from automatically downloading to my phone?

Expected behavior: tap on the three dots next to the file name and choose something like “remove from sync” or similar.

The only options when tapping the three dots are: details, rename, move, copy, open with…, sync, and delete.

Aaaaand as I am writing this, I actually just found out 30 seconds ago. Writing it down for posteriority: tap on “delete” and choose “only delete local copy” (or similar; my app is in German, so I don’t know what’s there in English, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.). I hope I will remember this post next time the same thing happens to me and I hope it will help others.

(Also, the notification won’t go away, even though it says it downloaded 100%. I can’t get rid of it, only by going into the external app settings and deleting the cache.)