Pretty url for shared links?


One of the main features that I use is the gallery app. I would like
to publish (share with the world) one folder as online gallery. I can
share the folder/gallery with a link, but really
doesn’t look nice :worried:

Is there a way to have that as or something similar?

Of course, I could use apache to redirect it… but does that work
well? I’d rather create that link with a nicer name.

Thanks for your input!

The Apache redirect works fine for me:

# this one for links shared from Nextcloud Files
Redirect 301 /s /nextcloud/index.php/s

In your case, the rule would be

Redirect 301 /gallery /s/8ZoTfXWD2sHLLdw

I see… Where would you add this? /etc/apache2… or in the nextcloud folder’s .htaccess?

Well, i am not sure a 301 redirect is a solution. Is heavy to do, need to be done manually for all share links.
Also, as nextcloud use mod_apache rewrite to make url nicers this may interfer, but i am not sure.

Have a look at:

Some king od SEO optimisation would be nice.

So far I also use the 301 Redirect solution, and it works. Although the one you provided looks much nicer, I just hope it doesn’t break all the links I sent out until now.

How did you end up doing it?

it’s now possible. I believe from Nextcloud 17 on it’s possible to rename the link. unfortunately it’s still called “Share link” in the list with links in Nextcloud. It would be nice that also that name can be customized.

I think the Share Renamer app is what you’re looking for.

no, that’s about the url(i said in my post it’s included in Nextcloud 17 but obviously i installed the “Share Renamer app” :)).

What i mean is the name of the link how it’s displayed in Nextcloud. There you see the list of links you added to a file/map. All of these links have the samen name “share link” so you can’t see any difference between the share links. I would like to rename that “Name” so there is a difference between the iinks in that list. For example you have 2 links added one for Customer X, the other for Customer Y. currently you have to check the link to be sure what link you have to delete if you want to disable the access for Customer X. When you can change the name it’s obvious which link you have to delete with out the need to check the link itself to identify the share link which should be deleted.

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Good point. I see you’ve already created an enhancement request for it :wink:

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