Pretty file name

I’m using Nextcloud to provide files used by an application to update a database. I’d like the filenames to match the actual name. The url I use is

What the user sees is /download?files=61Z252.osm.gz. What is desired is just 61Z252.osm.gz

I have no control over the application. If I were using wget it would be easy to add -O 61Z252.osm.gz to solve the problem.


I think there was a feature request for that.

As a workaround, you could use a different hostname, where the query is automatically translated from Not sure about the type of redirect that wget keeps the original filename.


You can use the app “Sharing Path”



In the path there is the user name. For public sharing perhaps use a functional and not personal user.

You must set a public share and then copy with right mouse key on the file in the GUI the sharing-path -link.