Preserving folder structure when sharing

Please can someone help with preserving folder structures? I have this scenario.

I have a group called Staff - and plan to have up to 200 users belonging

In files I have a root folder called Resources
… inside which are the folders Strings, Woodwind Brass Percussion
… inside each are the folders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.

I want to be able to share all files and folders with the group called staff, but CRUCIALLY I need each user to be able to see the same folder structure that I have created using my admin account

I have set sharing permissions, but the actual folder order is completely random - most appearing in the root, and some nested- sometimes incorrectly.

What do I need to do to be able to preserve my original folder structure please?

many thanks


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Strange, when I share a folder, the users see the shared folder like I do, with the same sub folder structure. No difference except different sorting depending on the column the user select to sort by.
Even if users try to edit the folder structure on purpose they are not allowed, when I remove the right to delete.

When you share a folder, exactly this folder will be place in the root folder (by default) of the other user. So every folder you start to share, will be put under root of the other users. What I want to say is: only share the parent folder (Resources). As soon as you start sharing subfolders as well, it looks messy.

If you see another behavior there might be something wrong and not the expected behavior.

Thanks - that seems to fix it! I was sharing things inside folders too :frowning: