Preparation for Networkchange

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all fine and your weekstart is at least as relaxed as mine. :wink:

I checked the Internet and this Forum but i dont found a problem similar to mine.

I’ve built a nextcloud server on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and NGinx php8.2 etc. I followed this guide (C. Rieger Nextcloud), opened up Port 80 and 443 in my Router (FritzBox 7490) and everything worked just fine. (

Now I learned about Network segmentation, VLANs and so on. I thought - hey it looks like that’s got to be a good idea.

So I built an opnSense, bought two managed switches and connected everything. DMZ Vlan works fine (10.0.20.x) my other machines have Internet Access - so all is fine and good.

Now i want to move my Nextcloud out of my “old” private Network ( with Port Forwarding, Dyndns and Lets Encrypt to the new network (, with a reverse Proxy in my opnSense and wildcard LetsEncrypt (from opnSense ACME Plugin).

Any suggestions as to how to prepare my nextcloud and make the move as hasslefree as possible? As i understand it, it’s not as easy as to just change my ip address because of the inbuilt nginx (is it a problem with nginx on opnSense and a 2nd nginx on the nextcloud?) and the actual LetsEncrypt Certificate.
Somebody who’d like to point me in the right direction? Thank you for taking yout time!


Kalle Karlssohn