Postgres 16 Support?

Quick question. Is Postgres 16 supported by NC28 or is that planned for the future?

Almost got myself into trouble when my package manager updated 15 to 16 for me earlier this year. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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What distro are you running?

Well I’m using ubuntu 22.04, though i have the postgres repo installed so I can get the current patch version.

My first mistake was when I had originally installed postgres I had asked for “apt install postgres” rather then call specifically for “postgres-15”. So when 16 rolled out, 16 became the latest version ergo that was the one installed by the postgres package. Naturally my second mistake was I did an apt update -y and didn’t stop to read till it was installing.

Makes sense. You have to specify with the database and php, etc. Ubuntu takes their latest repos very literally.

Oh yes, two areas you definitely want to be specific about. Live and learn

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Does anyone know if it made it into NC29?

Yes, Postgres 16 should be supported by Nc29. See fix(admin): Update supported database support by susnux · Pull Request #11473 · nextcloud/documentation · GitHub


Yep… System requirements — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

@szaimen was faster. :slight_smile:


Oh fantastic! Thank you!

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