[post] NextCloudPi backup strategies



Really cool what you are able to pack into your ncp images :+1:

Regarding the file system on the raspberry pi, have seen performance differences when using btrfs? I thought these COW file systems are rather memory hungry.

Have you heard of rsnapshot? It’s based on rsync, does differential downloads of new files and also stores snapshots of your data. You need to setup a ssh backup (you probably can run it on a second local disk as well) but the remote backup has the big advantage that if your system has been compromised, your backup is safe.

In benchmarks BTRFS is a little bit less performant than ext4, but in the raspberry pi the bottleneck is the shared PCIe lane.

Even on my computer I am happy to pay this little penalty to be able to use the advanced features. It is very handy when dealing with VMs and building stuff because extra copies of the image you are working on don’t take any additional space and are instant.

I am looking at rsnapshtot. It looks good! might add it :wink:

thanks for the tip