Possible to restore from Android Cache?

I screwed up. When my credit card expired, I was delinquent on my storage invoice. I saw the notice and quickly clicked the link and paid with the credit card’s new number. I did not read that the payment was a one-time payment to remedy my account balance and did not automatically make it my preferred payment method.

So, my instance went poof after 3 months of non-payment. (Email outsmarted me and decided to send invoices to spam because I never opened them. The credit card warning came from another address.)

I have no backup. I don’t have access to previous instance.

My Android device has NC Passwords on it and will load my passwords from its cache. I don’t want to connect the app to my new Nextcloud instance if it erases the app instead of uploading it.

Is there anyway to restore from this cache info in my phone?
My Firefox add-on has nuked its cache, but I haven’t checked my desktop. It may still have the data on that machine?

Help? :sob:

I’m not aware of any export function in the android app.
I would recommend manually copy and pasting the contents into a text file.