Possible to migrate storage to new instance?

Hi all

I had the displeasure of finding my sd card broken and bent in half this morning.
I have have no idea how it happened but it’s completely useless.

My setup was a PI4 with a small 8GB sd card to house the OS and a 4TB NTFS-3G HDD Seagate connected to the pi by a 2.0 port (3.0 didn’t work).

Now I’m planning on flashing rasbian with nextcloudpi on a new sd card.

Is it possible to reuse the users and their data on the HDD?
My familiy also used the instance to back-up family pictures (for over 40 GB) so I really want to get back online asap.

Thanks in advance
Jens Sels

Yes. If you have a backup from your MariaDB.
MariaDB stores users, groups, passwords, shares, …
The HDD stores the data.
Without the MariaDB you can only restore the data and you must create users, passwords, shares … new.

Read first.



Well since I haven’t done manual back-ups I guess I lost my users then.

Also I have no way to even access the sd card.

If I do recreate the users can I just copy and paste the files to their root folders ?

You do not need to copy the files. The files are on the hdd.

On the hdd you find in the corresponding directory all users and their data.
After new installation and recreate the users and set the correct directory in config/config.php to your hdd, you can rescan the directory.


All users must manual set their shares, …

Ok that’s good news atleast.

New sd card arrives tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!