Possible to force password change using occ command?

A little bit of searching suggests this isn’t possible, but the results are pretty old. So just in case…

I maintain a script to install Nextcloud in a FreeNAS jail, along with all its dependencies in a (hopefully) secure configuration. Currently, to complete the installation, the script creates an admin user with a random 12-character password. But the UX would be better, I think, if I were able to give them a simple default password. That, of course, carries massive security risks, mainly that the user won’t change that simple password. What I’d like to be able to do is occ maintenance:install with the default password, and then force that user to change the password at first login. Is this possible, or do I just need to stick with the current course of generating a random password and exposing that to the user?

I think there is still an open issue addressing this deficiency.

That’s what I was thinking–thanks for confirming.