Possible to change Ubuntu indicator applet icon?

Yesterday my desktop client sync updated to version 2.3.2. The icon for the indicator applet changed to a very large generic circle with a check mark:

Screenshot from 2017-08-25 07-50-36

Is it possible to change this and to use a custom icon instead? The previous one used the Nextcloud logo and was fine. I prefer something a little more consistent with the other indicator applets, such as a Nextcloud logo that changes to blue when updating or calling your attention.



This is 2.5.0, and is apparently not theme-aware. I have searched for all installed Nextcloud icons and replaced them with mono icons - with no effect. After having looked at the source code, it appears that the indicator icons are resources packaged into the binary.


It appears your current theme needs to have icons for state-pause, state-sync, state-warning, state-ok, state-offline and state-error.

I just “recycled” the ubuntuone icons into Ambiant-MATE:

sudo ln -s '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/22/ubuntuone-client-paused.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/scalable/state-pause.svg'
sudo ln -s '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/22/ubuntuone-client-updating.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/scalable/state-sync.svg'`
sudo ln -s '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/22/ubuntuone-client-offline.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/scalable/state-warning.svg'
sudo ln -s '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/22/ubuntuone-client-idle.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/scalable/state-ok.svg'
sudo ln -s '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/22/ubuntuone-client-offline.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/scalable/state-offline.svg'
sudo ln -s '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/22/ubuntuone-client-error.svg' '/usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/status/scalable/state-error.svg'

My original post is about a year and a half old, I’m on client version ‘2.5.0git’ and the icon looks perfect now. Monochrome, and scaled down to a better size. (screenshot is on Ubuntu 16.04)


I still don’t know how to customise the icon for Nextcloud but no longer need to.