Possibility to define a cleaner user interface

In an organisation some users will have limited access to only a few folders or functions. For these users it would be good to cleanse the userinterface from some icons, like the left column and some apps. I guess this is only a CSS issue. The most important need right now is to remove the left column
To be clear - can I hide the div:app-navigation for some users?

Just make the browser window smaller.

Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately it is not what I want/need. The intended user should have access to the calendar only. And the wider window the better.
I assume there must be some other possibility. And I assume that others would welcome such an alternative.

For the contacts app I had some help hiding for us unnecessary elements - see https://github.com/nextcloud/contacts/issues/1101#event-2339138270

That was very handy for us. I am asking for something similar with a possibility not to display the div:app-navigation