Possibility to add second or third account?


I fount the pretty old an probably not up to date discussion about the possibility to use multiple accounts. Somehow it seems be possible in the past, to manage different account.

But actually, I can not find any form in the nextcloud gui client or a hint, how to confugure a second or third account.

But wehen I look at

In the Account section, I find something like:


That implies, that one has just increase the leading Count to 1, 2, etc.

Since I am not sure, if this could work or if it could break anything, I would be very greatful for a hint, wether this might work or if it could break something, to add another leading ID.

Kind regards,

You can configure additional accounts by clicking the user icon at the top right of the web interface and clicking users.

Thank you very much, but this was some kind of misunderstanding :wink: I do not want to create a new User on a NC server.

As a user with the native nextcloud client (Linux), I want to configure the Client for anoother NC-Server.

E.g.: I want to access my private Nextcloud on the Raspi at home, another Nextcloud server managed by my employer and the third one, managed by the sports club, where I am member.

How can I access all three servers with the nc-client on my laptop computer? I did not find a menu. where to store the credentials of the second and third Account in the client.

I think you misunderstood the reply of @KarlF12 . He exactly told you how you can configured additional Nextcloud server accesses.

Ups, yes!

Thank you @j-ed & @KarlF12 I was wrong and found it now :flushed: . I did not realize, that the GUI of the local client is the “web interface” KarlF12 mentioned. I wondered, if there is an additional browser based application, that I did not know, yet.

Thanks again!

Hello, NC Community! I am wondering the same thing. When I click the NextCloud icon in Linux Mint, I get this dropdown menu:

There’s no user icon at the top right. When I click the one on the top left, I can’t see a “users” option.

There’s an “Add Account” button, but I discovered today that it has stopped working. I was using it to set up accounts 2 weeks ago, but today, when clicking it, nothing happens.

This is on NC client 3.1.0 for Linux.

UPDATE: Found this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next version of the NC client.