Ports say they are open on router, but they are not open according external testing?


I know this isn’t a Nextcloud specific issue but as I’m only using this server for NC stuff and I trust this community to be very smart and helpful I thought I might put the issue out there. Also the issue might be related, though I’m unsure.

So basically I found that I couldn’t access my NC server externally or internally.

I found that I couldn’t access it internally because of a common issue I’ve had with the updater having a meltdown after running out of space on rootfs during an update.

I copy pasted a back up config file over to my server and, viola it works!

But now I can’t access it externally.

I read a very helpful thread by Jason Bayton, and decided to check if my ports were still open. They are not according to this tool: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/

But… why? How? When I check my router it says port forwarding is all correct and stuff. What happened?


A couple of other possibly relevant details:

I also recently installed a Philips Hue in my apartment. Philip’s hue bulbs connect via wifi to the Philip’s Hue Bridge which plugs directly into to the router. It’s sort of a hub to help keep track of all smart lights without junking up your wifi.

Also in the process of organizing some wires today I briefly unplugged my Google Fiber network box and the power supply for the fiber jack. I plugged both back in and I’m accessing the internet fine now though.

Any thoughts on what else I should check?

restarted my computer and this issue seems to have fixed it self.