Ported nextcloud from snap package to docker, cannot delete some files

i recently ported my nextcloud instance from the canonical snap package over to the docker image setup on a new server, and now i cannot delete some files from the web UI.

to port the data over i used the snap package backup script and stored it on a separate hard drive. on the new server i setup nextcloud and postgres with a docker compose file. i then copied the data from the hardrive over to the data folder via the nextcloud containers named data volume. and finally through docker i ran an occ file scan to import my files into the postgres database.

What is weird is that i cannot delete some of the files, i.e nextcloud does not give me a drop down menu option to delete them. However, I was able to delete a lingering text file i had at the root of my directory tree for some reason.

Any insight on how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.