Port forwarding for remote access

I’m running nextcloud through freenas and can’t figure out how to port forward to allow myself remote access to the server.

For Nextcloud, you need the https-port (default: 443), and perhaps port 80 (which is then redirected to https). You need to configure port forwarding on your router.

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I’ve tried this but oddly enough it doesnt seem to work for some reson.

I found my problem 443 is blocked by my isp but 80 is not, is there a way to make the android app use 80?

you should still use ssl. You can try a different port like 8443. In your app, you have to specify the port, e.g. https://example.com:8443/nextcloud

I’m going to have to go bug the freenas guys now about how to change the listening port on their end. thank you for the help!

NVM I figured it out I’m an idiot! it’s working now thank you so much!

What did you figure out. I m trying to do the same thing on my free nas i can port foward to the free nas but not the next cloud for some reason.