Port Forwardin, internet?

I activated the internal XMPP which is fully enough for my setup. In my LAN I see a list of contacts and the online state of those contacts in the sidebar.
If I access my server from an external Network (internet), this is not working. In the internet I get notifications and I can send chat messages, but I donot see a list of contacts + online state.
Is there specific ports which I have to forward?
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5222 TCP XMPP client connection (RFC 6120) Official
5223 TCP XMPP client connection over SSL Unofficial
5269 TCP XMPP server connection (RFC 6120) Official
5298 TCP UDP XMPP JEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging / Official
XEP-0174: Serverless Messaging
8010 TCP XMPP File transfers Unofficial

https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6120 §14.7 p171

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No, you don’t need any port forwarding for the internal backend. Can you check your javascript console for errors?

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I did both :wink:
With forwarding enable it still does not work in the internet but local it does.
In the console there is no error:

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0
DevTools failed to parse SourceMap: https://MyServer/nextcloud/core/vendor/purify.min.js.map
merged-template-prepend.js?v=3a62e3b0-4:3740 Missing plural form in language file
_generatePluralFunction @ merged-template-prepend.js?v=3a62e3b0-4:3740
register @ merged-template-prepend.js?v=3a62e3b0-4:3718
(anonymous) @ de.js?v=3a62e3b0-4:1
jsxc.js:183 State changed to INITIATING
jsxc.js:183 State changed to PREVCONFOUND
jsxc.js:183 check master
jsxc.js:183 I am master.
jsxc.js:183 State changed to ESTABLISHING
jsxc.js:183 Try to attach
jsxc.js:183 SID: internal
jsxc.js:183 ATTACHED: null
jsxc.js:183 Discover muc service
jsxc.js:183 UI State changed to INITIATING
jsxc.js:183 Waiting for server capabilities
jsxc.js:183 Request server capabilities
jsxc.js:183 No saved buddylist.
jsxc.js:183 UI State changed to READY
jsxc.js:183 DSA key loaded
jsxc.js:183 State changed to READY

Presence (user@server/internal): offline

But there is no error

The console looks good, so I don’t have a glue why this is not working. Can you maybe send some test credentials to klaus@jsxc.org?

I sent you but my mail tells me that message cannot be delivered.
Did you still receive the testcredentials?
BTW: My Server runs on a non default port from outside, maybe thats why?

I received your mail, but you forgot to tell me your url. :wink:

ah OK :wink:
I send you per Mail as well :wink:

you got it?

Nope, but maybe you want to send it as pm.

Can you send me an pm that I can answer it?
best regards

You can test forwarded ports using Port Checker website.