Port forwarded but not able to access NextcloudPi from WAN

I have successfully port forwarded both emby and even samba on another pi to the outside through my ISP DDNS service which gives port 43881-9 for us to use with our own subdomain. I’m not sure if it’s because of NCP install because I have successfully install NC before manually on raspbian lite. Both IP access and hostname (nextcloudpi/) are working normally.

I’m wondering if NC itself is blocking weird port access?

Negative. Nextcloud is a website running in a web server. It has no direct interaction with network ports.

I would never consider exposing samba to the internet.

Have you verified with a port scanner that the port is accessible outside?

Hi @Dhanus_Samsen, which ports you use to access your nextcloud form WAN? ( the open ports)

It’s port 43888 and now it’s accessible since I have given up NCP and just use regular NC on top of RaspiOS following this guide.

For future reference: Don’t use NCP if your ISP forces you to use specific ports.

It has no direct interaction with network ports.

It must be NCP settings messing with it then because now regular NC install on RaspiOS works like a champ. I can access it from 4G and at my other location now.

exposing samba to the internet.

Yes I have closed it down. Just to make a point that my port forwarding and opening up to WAN works.

I will try that next time, still don’t even know where to start with that!

@Dhanus_Samsen there is a firewall preconfigured on NCP normally