'Port 80 is not open' upon trying to install SSL on DigitalOcean

Steps to reproduce

  1. set up DNS on DigitalOcean with A record for my domain
  2. run set-up script on DigitalOcean droplet, reboot and continue setup
  3. reach the point where setup tries to install SSL

Expected behaviour

continue SSL setup

Actual behaviour

error message about 'Port 80 is not open on either IP address or mydomain.com .

Server configuration

Nextcloud server version: 16.04

Server OS Ubuntu 18.04.3

How did you install the VM? master


Do you use DHCP? no

Is port 80 and/or 443 open? on DigitalOcean all ports are open by default

which setup skript?

where did you get that error message?

sure that there is no another web server running?