POP 3 protocol support with store mail in user account space

The working mailbox is limited in volume. I receive mail using the POP3 protocol and store it locally.
I really want the opportunity to receive mail via POP3 protocol in RainLoop and store mail on NextCloud server, that would be perfect. There will be access to your personal mail archive via the web.
Please consider this opportunity. Thank you.
Himself in programming is incompetent. (

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Rainloop or other app like Mail it should store the emails on the cloud (nextcloud).
All mail boxes have limited space available. If i had a big mail storage i wouldn’t need nextcloud to access webmail.

So, there should be something like a desktop app to download and store the mails on the nextcloud so we could even share and pass/move emails to other users on the same cloud. Just like a corporate email app.

Some app to store and organize email messages and even share some emails folders with another users so all can work on the same kind of emails, but using smtp to send.

So we could use the normal email server (we wont need to invent and recreate a mail server), just something that would organize all the emails. Just like a Thunderbird “online” that could be shared with other users.

This could even open possibilities to have different users and different email domains sharing all the works.


More than one year later : same for me !
I would appreciate to “pop” my mails and keep them in nextcloud rather than in a provider server :slight_smile: