Polls 3.6.0 Beta1 is out, testers are welcome

Find Download and Infos here.


[3.6.0-beta1] - 2022-04-02


  • Compatibility to Nextcloud 24
  • Hidden polls are now private polls and public polls are called open polls to distinguish them from public polls via public links
  • Added configuration options for admins to add legal terms to the public registration dialog and emails
  • Added the possibility for admins to add a disclaimer text to generated emails
  • Input fields now support matching keyboards on mobiles
  • Added email addresses for owner’s poll export
  • Grouping comments for less noise
  • Bulk import for text polls
  • Changed icon set
  • some more design changes


  • Poll export to spreadsheeds was fixed if Poll title is longer than 31 characters
  • Fix LDAP user search
  • Dont’t add tags to description in plain text invitation mail
  • poll list in admin page should not link to a poll
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@bug-hunters help try out this new Polls app release and report any issues, with logs, back to the linked github repo.

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