POLL: What should be added to Nextcloud Music next?

I’ve got a question for you all:

What features do you see as important/useful to add to Nextcloud Music?

You can give your input here:

You have the opportunity to add your own feature requests if it’s not listed there.

Please share it with anyone you know who uses Nextcloud Music. Thanks!

(The background: I’ve been making some small UX contributions to the Music app. I asked Pauli if a short poll to understand what features people saw as important would be helpful and he’s said yes. So here it is. :slight_smile: )


I really like the idea of having more recent Subsoniq features - if this is possible.

Hi @frake excellent - that’s an option in poll - What features should be added to Nextcloud/Owncloud Music app next? | Crowdsignal.com

Click the link and cast your vote. It’ll take literally seconds! :slight_smile:

Thank you for this poll!

My #1 desired feature… queue & pre-load the next song while the current song is playing.

Without queueing the next song you will have gaps of silence between songs regardless of any other factors. Critical when streaming music on any device.

Other features in the poll are really awesome and are more difficult to decide on. For me the 2nd choice would also be more subsonic features since that is the only way I’ve found to interface with this app on a mobile iOS or Android phone. :slight_smile:

Hi @just super thanks for the info. Click the link and make those choices. It’ll only take a few seconds. The choice will be added to the overall numbers.