Poll: Do you use the files of the cookbook as they are?

Dear users of the cookbook app,

there were some recent requests for various features that do not fit well together. In fact, one of the next bigger changes will be a rework of the storage engine used in the cookbook app. This might speed up things eventually but requires a major rework of the DB schemas.

Long story short: In order to satisfy as many user requirements as possible, I wanted to ask you a question in a poll.

Are you using the recipe files from the cookbook app directly or indirectly?

I mean by directly or indirectly: By downloading/accessing the files in the Nextcloud files app, the Nextcloud desktop app, the Nextcloud Android app, or the Nextcloud iOS app. I am not talking of the cookbook apps as presented in the corresponding section except for the app by MicMun (which uses the normal sync app).

  • I use the Web frontend of the cookbook app.
  • I use a (mobile) app that uses the REST interface. These are the linked ones minus the one from MicMun.
  • I use a third party app not linked but that uses only the REST API of the cookbook.
  • I use the app by MicMun.
  • I use the Nextcloud desktop/Android/iOS sync client to run third party apps (not listed) on the recipes.
  • I use the Nextcloud desktop/Android/iOS sync client to run my own scrips on the recipe files.
  • I work/play with the recipe files myself using the web frontend or any sync client.
  • I need access to the recipe files directly for other reasons (please post an answer with some description as well).
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By answering you help us to decide on the next steps and avoid some pitfalls that might be good guesses but also might prove false. It would be sad if work would be lost on any side.

Thanks for your support.

I selected

because I access the (synced to my desktop / tablet / mobile) recipe files directly when Iā€™m not able to access my Nextcloud server (which is only accessible from the LAN at home).

To read a recipe I open the recipe.json file e.g. in the Firefox browser.

As far as I know there is no cookbook client for Debian (which runs on my desktop, tablet and mobile phone)?

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I have often found it easier to edit the json files directly in some cases. Especially for recipe cleanup, search and replace, etc. But I normally only use the website and ios app for day to day use.

I extract the ingredients from the recipe.json and cache those. Makes it easier to search for ingredients, to find a recipe what uses a particular ingredient.

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