Poll app and ojsxc app problem


I have two problem with poll app https://github.com/v1r0x/polls and ojsxc app https://github.com/owncloud/jsxc.chat/

In poll app, i would like translate this application in french language, anybody can help me to translate it ?

In ojsxc app, i have an error with Nextcloud 11.0 RC2 in my nextcloud log
"app":“core”,“message”:“Could not read app info file for app “ojsxc…“url”:”/index.php/settings/apps/list?category=disabled”…“version”:“”}

And my jsxc.chat don’t start; no error with nextcloud 10.0.2

Thanks for your help,

With Nextcloud 11 no more error with jsxc chat app

Apps sometimes are behind especially the first days of a new release. Check the bugtracker of the app-developer, in some cases they need to make a few fixes.