Podman: Setup Nextcloud-fpm, Nginx, Redis, Postgres?

I’m looking for a method to deploy Nextcloud-fpm, Nginx, Redis and Postgresql by using only Podman Run commands.

Does anyone have any step-by-step examples?

The example I think I’m likely aiming for

Hi @JarnetStrongrogg

Never tried it myself, but maybe the following thread is of any help…

Hello @bb77 thanks for your reply,

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a rootless environment but why not, it’s a good resource, thanks for sharing.

However I would really appreciate something more comprehensive that goes in the lines of the example I posted from the official Nextcloud github.

My goal is to quickly incorporate the setup in a single bash script what would deploy and setup the components that are mentioned in the title, that’s why I’m looking to step away from the ‘compose’ method.