Podcast manager app preview release :D

Hey, I just wanted to share my newest app for Nextcloud: A podcast manager where you can browse and listen to your favorite podcasts :slight_smile:
It is a preview release, so not all planned features are implemented yet. Feel free to check it out, I really appreciate some feedback :wink: It’s already available in the app store!

Impression of the show view:

Browsing categories:

More details also on my blog post about it:

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Sounds great! As an avid podcast listener I’ll try it out some time.

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I’ve just released an updated version with bugfixes, translations and new features Podcast - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud :wink:

Version 0.3.1 is able to export subscriptions as OPML. The library view will show the newest available episodes and shows and the listening view keeps track of your latest listened episodes.

This release also fixes a critical bug with app upgrades on Nextcloud instances with Mysql database backend.

Keep in mind that this is still a preview release. An important feature, fetching new episodes in the background and refreshing your subscriptions, is not yet implemented :slight_smile: