Plugin to open Nextcloud links from Browser locally?

Hi everyone,

first of all: thank you for the awesome work! We recently switched from OC10 to nextcloud 12 and we love it :slight_smile:

I am looking for a browser extension that will help us, open nextcloud links from a website in our local finder (mac OS).

Example: We use Confluence from Atlassian as a wiki to document projects. Now on a project page I always write: Files can be found in nextcloud/project/example/.

What I would like to do now, is enable everyone to click on this link and directly have the folder open on their Macs. With a Firefox plugin for example, all it would need to do is, add the local path to the nextcloud root folder (which is different for every user) and then open it on mac OS in the Finder.
Maybe sth like this β€œnc-link:/project/example”

Do you think that would be possible? Any ideas where to start?

(It would also be great to have it open in the nextcloud-webview otherwise)

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Hi guys,

we have exactly the same setup and need like mpscy has. Do you have any idea how to solve it?

Hi @caroberto6,

I found the same question on Stackoverflow (Link)

As it seems, it would have to be something with Apple Scripts. Maybe a combination of a Firefox Plugin and a combined Apple Script. Ill try to find out more…

Hi @mpscy,

Thank you in advance!

I found this very old Thread about how to open a Finder window from Safari and it still works for me on macOS HighSierra. Just type in for example:


and it will open the parent folder directly in Finder. If you always want to open the folder directly, you can link to the DS_Store file:

If everyone in the company now keeps his owncloud in the user folder, this should do the trick, without any plugin, by just linking via sth like <a href="~/nextCloud/project/example/"> to the folder in question.

But now for my final problem:

We dont use Safari at my company. We user Firefox or Chrome, but no Safari.
Any ideas?

Could Such be integrated into the desktop client and link it to the running server so if the user Clicks on a link to an nextcloud file, and logged in(or logs in if not yet logged) to the next cloud server, than if the next cloud server notices that the user has the desktop client running, than it commands the desktop client to open the file locally using the default associated application.

I guess a simple port listenner on local host could also may be used with some form of Ajax to the local host to create some form of authenticated secure channel between browser and desktop client only to open the file locally using some form of ID of the file or relative path of it.