Plugin to modify shared calenders

I would like to write a little plugin to change/censor shared calendars of users. How do I do that?

Ultimately I would like to access and modify the response of all WebDAV URLs looking like this:

In my use-case it has proven to be a bit unnecessary for other users (that are not directly invited) to see all the details of the shared calendar events. Iโ€™d just like to not have that i the response.

Can somebody point me in the right direction (what to override, what events to listen to, โ€ฆ) who has a little bit more experience in the code of the calendar app.

I cannot tell you anything related to the programming of such a function. The only point I have in mind is, that you can decide on an event base how much information is being shared which other users.

Yeah, but I cannot find a reference for the calendar appโ€™s usage of EventDispatcher and donโ€™t know a way how I can achieve this by listening to events.