Plex server access to Nexcloud on local

I have installed the Plex Media Server Docker and the Nextcloud AIO Docker on the same Ubuntu Server 20.04.6. I want to know if it is possible to configure the Plex server to access the directory containing media content in Nextcloud locally. I am using the default nextcloud_aio_nextcloud_data volume.

Previously, I had Nextcloud installed as a SNAP on the same Ubuntu server, and I was able to set up a direct path (persistent volume) for the Plex Media Server to access the directory in question.
How can I achieve the same setup now for AIO?

Just as starting point for further help: By default Nextcloud files are stored in the nextcloud_aio_nextcloud_data volume if you did not specify a different directory with NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR. Ownership of these files is 33:0

In this situation, I am uncertain about how to configure the persistent volume in the docker-compose.yml file specifically for the Plex Media Server. The purpose is to enable access to media files within the Nextcloud AIO Docker version.

Additionally, I have the Jellyfin Docker installed on the same Ubuntu server, and I am facing a similar challenge in setting up the persistent volume for it.