Please use the command line to update?

I’ve just updated the docker container on unraid, and now have this error…

“Please use the command line updater because updating via browser is disabled on your config.php.?

Please can someone help me sort this?

Which image? And precisely how did you update the container?

Also, from what version to what version?

theres a question… I installed the update through unraid docker with all other updates so as to what version, im sorry it doesnt tell me, sorry.
Sorry i cant be much help on this

Okay, well as to your original query: If you’re using basically any of the Docker images of Nextcloud out there today, you never trigger the built-in Updater yourself. Many of the images have the web updater disabled through the config to really make sure nobody messes up their container. When it’s disabled, that’s what it says. But it’s expected behavior in that case.

Just update in your usual way (updating the image and restarting your container/stack, generally).

EDIT: Though I just realized you’re referring to the db migration part of the upgrade process. You may be getting that because of what I said above + something went wrong with the upgrade. Check your nextcloud.log to see what happened when the container entrypoint ran the db migrations and app upgrades. Wild guess: some people are reporting an issue related to Circles (see other recent posts here on the forum) in v29.0.1 which disrupts the final parts of the upgrade. There are solutions posted in those threads.

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I’m not sure what part of the update failed. No mention of circles.
So I decided to start a fresh. Mmmm not sure I should have done that lol.
Cannot remote in from my domain now, when I try it’s a bed gateway from Nginx? That’s not been on my server for quite some time. But as all this is a learning experience. I’ve decided to start fresh.
New USB, fresh download of the dockers I use etc… as I seem to have a few that come from Cloudflare.
Thanks for the advice and I’ve learned not to manually update the containers.

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