Please stop your bot from closing github issues every month

Please deactivate your I-close-issues-after-4-weeks-Bot on GitHub.

It isn’t only useless it is risky. Somethings need time, that is totally OK.
No one reviews an Issue that is maybe security relevant and the bot just close it without a human being have seen this!?

And it is impolite to users and potential contributors treating them with bots. Take your time but talk to us. Don’t let machines talk to you.

In the current project state I refuse to report or contribute anything to NextCloud because of that machine.


Understandable. But what else can be done when issues are on no timeline? What else do you think could be offered?

A “nice to have” tag is now available, but it is not automatically applied.

My policy for my personal projects is to have the stale bot watch only issues with a certain tag, like “more information necessary”. This way a maintainer has to at least look at an issue for it to be closed. If it’s a “won’t fix”, close it by hand, if it needs more info write a comment and add the “more info” tag: If nobody responds, it’ll be gone after x weeks.


That is a nice method.

Another thought… it grows exhausting on the server repo to have to reply “open please” every month. And I do find I just become too frustrated to continue following up, because you must reply within so many days. :person_shrugging:

You could use a bot for this :stuck_out_tongue: