Please restart AppOrder project

please restart that simple and light project :pray:

Hey, there is good news. There is a solution worked on at the moment. You will have to be a bit patient.


Apporder was fully deprecated back in nc25
fyi: PSA: AppOrder is no longer maintained or usable as of Nextcloud 25

Just for cross reference: Please restart AppOrder project - #2 by christianlupus

I am going to leave here as I cannot provide any input, I guess.

Should that be standard for every user? You can set up a standard apps argument in the config.php, see the documentation for further instructions.

According to their github issue it will be a user only option and not configurable by the admin.
" * This is a user-setting only, no admin setting" โ†”๏ธ Make app order configurable ยท Issue #4917 ยท nextcloud/server ยท GitHub

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