Please help me Auto upload

Hallo,please help me with Auto upload in Nextcloud. I recently downloaded the application Nextcloud to do tasks with teachers and students, but I saw that all my photos and videos were uploaded with auto upload in nextcloud.
Now I’m afraid that my classmates can see my photos, what does auto upload in nextcloud do? Why did my photos and videos upload themselves there?

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as we don’t know WHERE exactly your photos and videos are uploaded we can’t tell you if someone other than you can access them. USUALLY they are uploaded to your nc-account where noone except you (and all administrators) could see them unless you’re sharing the pix activly with someone else. but again it all depends upon the setting(s) in your app.

it does exactly what it tells you to do: automatically uploading all new pics and videos from chosen folders into your nc-account

b/c this feature seems to be activated automatically in your app (is it android or ios?)… or because you activated it yourself

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that screenshot looks like android…

and yes… if you’d click on “auto upload” you should arrive at a page where you should be able to do some settings for your autoupload…

if the clouds are not blue (in this case here) they aren’t active, yet

if you’d click on uploads you should see nothing… no messages…

pls send screenshots otherwise.

plus you could check under all files if something was uploaded to your account.

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Thanks for answering me. and which screenshots should I send? so nobody sees my photos except me?i think i have paranoia haha

when I click on the uploads button it says that there are no files waiting to be transferred to the server

that sounds good!

Does this mean that only me and I see photos and videos?

Können Sie auch Deutsch? Deutsch kann ich viel besser als Englisch

du hast eine private nachricht - schau oben rechts… da müsste ein kleiner grüner kreis links an deinem “M” kleben… das bedeutet, dass du post hast.

result: in the end it turned out that there hasn’t been any photos uploaded so far.