Please help, client "Runtime ERROR!" crash


i have a problem today (yesterday the sync works great!) with the client how sync the nextcloud-Server to a NAS.
It will be started an after 5-10 min the error “Runtime Error!” will dispaly.
what can i do, whats the problem?

i will use Nextcloud V, the Ubuntu Image from Nextcloud-Shop.
Nextcloud-Sync-Client is a Server 2016 Standard.

hi, i have solve my problem.
one folder i sync have damaged permissions. i have fix this an the Sync will now work.


hi, sorry the problem is back, nothing is change, but the client will never start.
chrash with the same error.

please help, i can not work today.

i work with:

  • ubuntu image from Netxcloud-Store
  • nextcloud version is 12.0.2

Same issue here. Multiple versions of the client. Data stored on both an Ubuntu box and a Windows box.

Hi there,

I am facing the same issue under Windows 10. The client worked fine for a few days syncing my data, then suddenly I get this error message and not I can’t start the client anymore.

I don’t know where to change the permissions of the folders and obviously I cannot change the folder to sync in the app.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Does anyone have any