Please bring WeKan to Nextcloud! (instead of continuing deck)

please stop reinventing the wheel, is such a good app, can’t you help bring it to nextcloud? there is also which doesn’t seem as complete as wekan but they seem to be further in development than deck.

or is there some technological barrier that is impossible to overcome that I am not understanding?

It just seems such a waste of time and energy =(

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I think the original plan of Deck was to tightly integrate with CalDAV tasks (and keep it otherwise simple). This seems like a really good way of interacting with a simple kanboard inside Nextcloud and is not really mean to replace a more fully featured project management tool like Kanboard. However it seems like the CalDAV integration has met some roadblocks and is currently not possible to do in NC12. So for now Deck seems to be a bit of a proof of concept waiting for it’s original promise and purpose to be fulfilled.

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Here the explanation from the app developer:

I currently have Wekan running on Sandstorm and Deck on Nextcloud. I love both for different reasons. But I really hope checklists can come to Deck!

checklists do exist in deck - you can use the markdown tags in the items

[ ] this
[ ] that