Playing all types of video files in all browsers


I am currently testing Owncloud but considering moving to Nextcloud.

Is Nextcloud able to play different types of video files : mp4, wmv, vob, mkv, flv , with the same behaviour in different browsers as Firefox, IE and Chrome ?

Thank you very much for your answers.


Hi @Charlotte,

What video files are played only depends on the browser, not on Nextcloud.
When the browser supports HTML5, then all file types supported by HTML5 can be played - should be flv and mp4.

Additionally there are differences between the browsers what file types are supported, but that should be the same in Owncloud, while both use the same video player.

Hope this helps and sorry for the late response.

Dear @Schmu

We came up with this solution, which seems to work for now :

  • install Kodi on all your clients and add the webdav url for video sources and define kodi as default player
  • desactivate the video player in onwcloud

When I click now on a video in onwcloud, it asks to open kodi (open, not save), and the video is charged within kodi in streaming, so no upload. and all kinds of videos can be played. not within owncloud but the behavior is the same for ALL the video types which is great :slight_smile:

nice, BTW, vlc is also able to stream, which might be more user friendly than kodi

also to know which CODEC is supported by firefox take a look here