Play list of mp3s

I am trying to play a list of mp3 from a folder in ios Nextcloud client. Currently, I can play one-by-one individually, by clicking on every single one. Is there a possibility to play all mp3s from a folder continuously? When playing a single mp3 I can see the options “repeat” and “shuffle” at top right corner, which would make no sense, if only a single file can be played, so i guess i am missing something.

Issue you are describing is same here. Would be good to file issue at GitHub.

Ok, I just posted the issue on github too:
But why do we have this platform here at the first place if no one cares?

Hello swizzly, this is a user forum. We discuss, we help. As soon as someone encounters a bug or has a really good idea it is time to file an issue at GitHub.

I see, ok, thanks.