Platform for submitting student applications - what nextcloud tool/app to use?

Hi there, I hope you can help me find the right apps and tools, since I’m very new to the nextcloud world. I’m grateful for helpful replies and feedback.

I’m looking for an easy to access and secure way for new applicants, to submit there applications to our self-organized non-government and non-profit school. Are there tools and apps for managing those uploads nicely in nextcloud, other than just uploading unorganized files via an external link?

The applicants should be able to upload text files, a profile photo, contact details and some links as external users via a browser. They should be able to view, change and update there information and files.

As Administrators we would like to organize and monitor those profiles and download the uploaded files…

Is there a tool, that can do all that or at least help manage the data and would allow us to connect it with an external or jet to code user-interface for the applicants?

Any ideas? Other recommendations? I hope this is the right place for my request.