Planning upgrade solr/nextant to elasticsearch/fulltextsearch

im planning an upgrade from solr/nextant to elasticsearch/fulltextsearch

ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Intel Celeron Prozessor N2820
nextcloud 13.0.5
solr 6.6.3
nextant 10.0
7 user
0,7 TB in use

for installation i have found the guideline in the forum !


  • deinstall nextant app
  • deinstall solr
  • old index
  • in the apps i can see fulltextsearch is “beta” ?
  • same functions nextant <> fulltextsearch ?

solr/nextant is not working up to Nextcloud 14 ! but:
solr/nextant is not elasticsearch/fulltextsearch
see here : [en]
or german [de]

I asked that same in: Which Apps are not ready for Nextcloud 14?
but didn’t get anything either.
I am interested, if you are be able to get some infos.