Plan your next trip with Nextcloud Maps! New Features!

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Planning a trip with friends? Need to stay organized? Look no further than Nextcloud now collaborative Maps!

At our recent NextGov Hackathon, Arne Hamann from Germany had a clear goal for his idea: make the maps app collaborative. Prior, the features were minimal, and there was no possibility for interaction between others. Now, thanks to Mr. Hamann’s talent and efforts, you can collaborate with family, friends, or colleagues in Nextcloud Maps.

To do this, you first create a new map under the default. You can name it anything you like, for example, “Bike Tour in Europe.” Then you can create your route, and add stops along the way in the form of tags. These tags will show up as pictures on the map, seen below.

To add family and friends, just share it with them using the sidebar and they will not only be invited to see the map, but can make comments too. It’s a great space to discuss trip plans with the map visual as a very helpful tool.

In addition, you can also share your live location and allow others to add theirs. This is of course helpful during a trip, especially for a bike tour, when people are moving at different speeds or break off in groups. Want to meet up for lunch on the way to the next destination? Share your location and tag a new picture to the map so everyone can find it, and you.

There’s so many new possibilites with the new collaborative app, so we encourage you to try it out!

To see a wonderful demo of collaborative Maps, check out the video below:

Arne Hamann received the 1st prize at the NextGov Hackathon and was awarded €5,000 for his time, efforts, and talent in creating the new Maps features. We thank him for his work and dedication at the event, and in improving Nextcloud which in turn will hope to encourage public administrations to switch to more secure, open source cloud solutions.

Stay tuned for features of the rest of the winners on #AppTuesday this month!

Edit: Collaborative maps is based on a new maps frontend, therefore this needs to be released before the collaborative maps can be released. The release of the new frontend is scheduled for July 18th and the collaborative maps feature will come out with Nextcloud 25 or 25.0.1. release. Thank you for your patience!


Is this feature live? I’m on Nextcloud v24.0.3 and don’t see the “My Maps” section:

Have you installed the maps app from the appstore?

If so, check their github repo documentation and issues.

The feature is not merged and also not released yet. See [Draft] Collaborative Maps Nextgov Hackathon by tacruc · Pull Request #731 · nextcloud/maps · GitHub


@szaimen Thanks. I read about this feature on the Blog and it made it sound like it was available.

Hi @meichthys,
unfortunately the feature is not live yet. The feature is based on a new vue based frontend.
We as the maps team decided, to first get a stable release of the new frontend, bevor we merge new features.

The new frontend is included in v0.2.0, which is ready for testing and will be released together with Nextcloud 24.0.3. We expect the release v0.2.0 to go smoothly. If so we can then focus on publishing the collaborative maps.

Testing of the new frontend is wellcome. Nightlys can be installed from github or the app store.
Testing of the collaborative maps is welcome, too, but it has to be installed from github.



@tacruc Any update on this. I was expecting it would be included in Nextcloud 25, but i’m not seeing it (I could be missing it though).

All you must do is check the app’s github repo, particularly pull requests to find

Looks to still be in-progress. You can click the subscribe button for each from a Github account to follow along.

Thank you. I’ve subscribed. I thought there might be something more recent than those pull requests since the comment above indicated that the vue update would be released in Nextcloud 24.

Makes sense, the way I’d check is to look back through the release notes since there have only been a handful this last year. Each mentions which pull requests were added.

You can then confirm merged / closed pull requests to know what was changed. And compare those to to their related merged and closed issues if you need more context. Hope this helps!

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I’m looking forward to this being added soon now that the new Maps frontend has been released!
Maybe just in time for my next trip :crossed_fingers:


I am in NC25 with Maps in 0.2.4 and it does not show still the ‘My Maps’. I searched in the GitHub and in the links provided here but it seems those are already merged.

Could anyone help me to understand what is the status of this feature please?

Regarding the news, I think it is good to show what will be the new features, but so long in advance is a big fail for Nextcloud from my point of view; it adds some none-credibility when checking other features announced as well: it is announced, but would it will really work? Just my two cents here…

It’s planned to be released with NC26. Testers for the v0.2.5 are welcome. Just install the nightly builds.

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