Plain Text Editor in Nextcloud 28.0.x?

Hi all,

I just noticed that the Plain Text Editor app would not be available any more after an upgrade from 27 to 28.

Actually I then tried to open a Markdown text file on an already upgraded Nextcloud 28 server and yes, I really could not find a way how to edit the Markdown file in plain text / Markdown view.

Did I miss something, or is there really only this more-or-less-WYSIWYG editor which isn’t my preferred way to write Markdown in most cases?

It is one of my favourite apps as well!

You should - if not yet - support it here:


This is pretty rough – I rely on those apps as well :frowning: For me, it’s:

I’ve already uninstalled the Social app, due to initial troubles that I saw some people experiencing with it (may add it back after moving to 28). Also can’t use because no compatible version for version 28. I held off on upgrading to Nextcloud 28 due to potential app compatibilities for a while, but can’t do so forever…