Place for app Suggestions?


I was wondering if there’s an official place to suggest new ideas for nextcloud apps; especially official apps (although still delivered by the app store of course). And if not, I’d like to suggest the idea of one.

I think it’s easy for suggestions to be opened on the forum, attract a few comments, but can imagine these wouldn’t necessarily be seen by core developers, or won’t attract a discussion of the serious viability of being implementable and implemented ,and if it is appropriate for such an app to be added in the first place. Meanwhile,e.g. opening a bug on the github repository for the main NC server isn’t really appropriate for a more high-level discussion on a potential new (standalone) feature.

So if there is no such pathway for making a semi-formal request of an app idea, I think something sort of halfway between the forum and the issue tracker would make a lot of sense to me.


You can reply to Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud? and we can break it out into a new topic. :heart: Or, post under #general category.

Developers will see the suggestions, but as you mention it is not a formal process. The developers have made it clear that they do not wish to receive anything beyond informal suggestions, bug reports or pull requests. The idea is anyone wanting something bad enough can code and submit it themselves to the appstore.

Most official apps start as community apps. If an app is used very often and/or provides important features, or if an important customer relies on that app, then it is likely to become an official app.

Yet another resource to use and check.

The best way is to create this app so everybody is using this app and don’t want to miss it any more.

The developers have probably a lot to do and don’t wait for ideas from the forum/github.

Unfortunately, for normal people it’s difficult to judge the complexity and time it takes to realize a certain feature. Or perhaps if something similar is planned. If it is not easy to do, it could be interesting for someone to start coding (for hackathons and similar).

Break out topics, judge the effort for each. And the community can vote for a feature that takes a Nextcloud developer 1 week of work.

@Daphne Not sure if such procedures could help to bring more activity into the community, and then have more ideas/participants for hackathons, motivate people to start coding a bit, give some nice ideas for internships at Nextcloud etc.

Nah, requests do not translate to actual work. They are simply ideas.

Okay, well I think that’s that answered, thanks.