Pixel 4a 5G // Video's saved and uploaded (MP4 files), But Not playing!

When I play it; I can hear the sound but no video. I have tested the intro.mp4 file it works!!!

Not sure why the browser fails to play video. If I download the file and play it VCL will play it .

Please advise; how to fix this issue.

Thanks, in advance!


Hi, did you try to play it from another browser and/or device ?

Aurnytoraink: Sorry I thought I answered your question from my phone…It seems my answer was never posted!!!

Yes I tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge on Windows 11 pro and Windows 10 pro machines.

So finally I found the issue.

I am using Pixel 4a 5G phone to record and DAVx uploading the files on the Nextcloud server.

The issue is what format am I using to record? To use the greatest and latest I set up my video recording to be H.265/HEVC. That’s where the current problem relies upon. Once I change the video format to H.264/AVC; it started to play as expected.

Here is a link to understand it in detail