Pinned folders don't open from File Explorer on the Task Bar after upgrading to Windows 10 -1903

Nextcloud version: 2.5.3daily-Win64 (build 20190725)

Operating system and version: Windows 10 Pro version 1903 10.0.18362 build 18362

The issue you are facing:

I upgraded to Windows 10 1903 from 1803. When I right click on File Explorer in the Task Bar, it brings up the list of Pinned and Recent folders. When I left click on one of those folders, the list goes away, but the folder doesn’t open.

If I right click on a pinned folder and click on Open, the folder opens.

I performed a clean boot removing everything and problem was solved, then I added Nextcloud in the Startup and problem came back.

It happens only on synced folders: not synced folder opens regularly with a left click.

Hope someone can help! Greetings,

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Y

Steps to replicate it: should reinstall an old w10 and then update it again

I tried to downgrade to W10 1803, it seemed to work but after a short time problem came back.
Now W10 is build 18362, i tried to reinstall Nextcloud 2.6.2 without “Windows Explorer integration” (i am translating from italian) and… PROBLEM SOLVED !!!

The problem still exists. Is there a resolution coming for this? Unchecking “Integration with Windows Explorer” does not solve it for me.

Sorry, I just try to help someone else to solve it, if you go on the nextcloud green icon (I have it in the win 10 taskbar, hidden icons), right click on it and choose “Exit from Nextcloud”, does that solve the problem for you? To me it did.

Yes. When NextCloud is not running it works. However, if NextCloud is running then it fails to work.

I see that you discovered if you right click the folder name and select open it works. I can live with that for now! Very helpful.

Here’s the bug report:

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