Pinebook Pro w/ Manjaro KDE runs Nextcloud perfectly

Pinebook Pro is a community supported laptop, which will now be running Manjaro ARM KDE by default. I’ve been running this distribution for about two months and I must say that all Nextcloud integration is working perfectly. I strongly recommend it as a chromebook alternative designed to run Linux by community enthusiasts.
Machine feels great: solid keyboard, decent trackpad, really nice display, no branding at all besides the pinecone super key, comfortable to hold in one hand, nice metal shell, 8 hour battery life, charges off usb-c or power barrel plug. Power plug is very short at only 3’. This is a simple machine and shipping was quite slow at a full month until I received it.

KDE support for Nextcloud is in top form.

  • Dolphin file manager works really well with Photos
  • The desktop client easily installs on Arm64 under Manjaro.
  • Calendar and Contact support from KAddressbook
  • KOrganizer supports Tasks
  • Zanshin is another solid app for Tasks
  • Newsboat is a nice cli app for News

Just want to leave this here for anyone considering picking this up. Your Nextcloud system should work very nicely on it. It’ll be interesting to see how their linux-based Pinephone and Pinetime smart watch turn out. :slight_smile: