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i found this “chat” Is it possible to prevent downloading a shared file? - #12 by drevilish
about disabling the “download grafic” (right click).

Where would I need to insert this css code running nextcloud as docker container?

CSS code to give a pure files only view if anyones interested.

.app-settings #app-navigation {
display: block !important;

[data-id=“help”] {
display: none;

.app-settings #app-content {
margin-left: 300px !important;

#appmenu, #app-navigation, #controls, .selection, .filesize, .date {
display: none !important;

#nextcloud {
position: static;
padding: 7px !important;

#app-content {
margin-left: 0 !important;

thead, tfoot {
display: none;

.searchbox, .fileactions, #contactsmenu, .notifications {
display: none;

Would this css still work/help?

Since “Hide Download Button” is not enough in my case.
Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

No idea/help on this?

Sorry not tested:

  • Install the app Custom CSS
  • Go to Settings → Theming
  • Copy the CSS in the text field


With transfer an image to the browser the user can copy it (e.g. from cache).

true as I said i know there still are several ways like screenshots and so on.

I just want to prevent the easy ways = Download Button + Rightclick SaveAs

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no help/ideas on this?